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About Us

About Us

Alinen is one of the many beauty brands lead by the founder of Vincience. Vincience is an industry-renowned leader in skin research and biofunctional active ingredient development centre that produce a range of proprietary materials. It was officially acquired by International Specialty Products (ISP) in July 2007.

All Alinen products are developed and testified through a comprehensive process to ensure its effectiveness and safeness. Our approach towards formulation is holistic yet avant-grade. It is the art combining Deep Sea Water with the most advanced active ingredients.

Our Philosophy

Alinen Beauty Salon is committed to provide you with the purest beauty products, treatments and equipments that will suit your every beauty needs. We pride ourselves on providing highly skilled and trained beauty specialists to offer the skin solutions you deserve. In Alinen Beauty Salon, we are not only promising to bring back your natural beauty, but also a truly unforgettable experience!