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Alinen Fit Bar Chocolate

Alinen Fit Bar Chocolate

4.5/5 rating (4 votes)

Fit Bar Chocolate

* with Lepticore 100% extract from plants for Vegetarians

Alinen Fit Bar Chocolate contains LeptiCore® and Fucoidan as a primary ingredients.

- Promote healthy weight management and supports metabolic wellness and positive emotional well-being.

- Suitable for patients with metabolic syndrome

- Boosting immune system

- Helping anti-cancer

- Anti-oxidative properties and delay cell aging

- Promoting skin care health through whitening and moisturizing

- Provides anti-ulcer action and removes stomach discomfort

- Promote anti-coagulation by prevents blood coagulum in vessel where it has the anticoagulant effect which vails the people who has hyper-blood-density

- Improve gastrointestinal health which is a premium dietary fiber by adsorbs toxic substances

Serving Suggestion 

Take Alinen Fit Bar Chocolate one per daily is the best ways to reduce fat gain and managing weight loss. Clinically proven efficacy for reducing obesity and other risk factors contributing to metabolic syndrome. It is safe and effective product than other product that is sold in the market


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