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Alinen Butea Superba Chocolate

Alinen Butea Superba Chocolate

4.5/5 rating (2 votes)


* with red Kwao Krua 100% Plant Powder

* Has the similar function as Tongkat Ali

- Enhance blood circulation to the penis, stimulate penile cell growth and help men achieve or promotes longer lasting erection.

- Contains Flavonoid and Flavonoid glycoside that have been proved more effective than any other products in market to promotes blood flow male genital

- Butea Superba has the similar effect with the male impotence with the male impotence drug "Viagra". It can stimulate the vitality of body, the diastolic of blood vessels while not over-stimulate the nervous,muscle and heart. Increase about 80-200ml more of blood volume during erection

- Mild safe & no side effect

-  Suitable for patient with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar


Recommended Consumption Amount :-

One Packet Daily



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